Army vet's 3-year-old daughter with rare brain condition leaves family needing help

"They were like, surprise it's a girl, and you guys are going to have some issues," said Mary Hale.  
Her 3-year-old Charlotte is one in a million. There are just two other documented cases of her kind of brain malformations, a genetic condition, causing major seizures.  

"On a good day she will have two, on a bad day she could have 15," Hale said. "She also has myoclonic seizures which while I've been sitting here talking with you she's had 25."  

Hale had to quit her job to take care of Charlotte. 
"It's like having a newborn every day of your life, you are always worried," she said.
There is five days of physical, speech and occupational therapies - all the while caring for two boys, as well. 

"It's not just seizures, it's turning purple and not breathing," she said. "I recently had to take a CPR class to be able to revive her."  

Hale says it's lonely and isolating.  
"You don't have an option there is no choice, we can't give up," she said. "There is no such thing as giving up for us."  
Her husband, Jason, is an Army veteran with the Michigan National Guard, currently with the Army Reserves serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says it was nothing compared to seeing your child, like this.  
"Most days it's putting one foot in front of the other," he said. "It's really what it comes down to."

"That was probably the best preparation to handle this kind of conflict," said Jason Hale. 
It's the mini-milestones as they say, like her rolling over, that keep them going.  

"One little smile from this little girl and everything we have had to go through and endure, it melts away," he said.
After 23 hospital stays in her young life - the couple is planning to expand and outfit their home's main level to accommodate her needs which get more challenging.  
Mary says there isn't financial help for them and moving isn't an option with family so close, being called on constantly.  

"It's been very difficult for us as parents to say, we were not prepared for this, and we need help," Mary said. 

Family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help the Hales get that addition installed and the medical equipment she needs. If you can help, go HERE.