Arrest made after boy, 8, killed in hit-and-run

Police have made an an arrest in connection with the fatal hit-and-run of an 8-year-old boy.

Brandyn Starks was hit and killed on Thursday while crossing Fort and Miami in southwest Detroit on his way to the park. The driver never stopped. 

Police say a 27-year-old man believed to be the hit-and-run driver was arrested in Ecorse during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon. 

Detroit police say the 8-year-old boy had autism and was crossing the street at a light. The light was green for travel but the boy was crossing anyway. Some drivers, like Nathan Dennings, stopped to let Bradyn cross.

"I saw the little boy running out from the side of the church with his little red wagon. As he got half-way across, I stopped, the lady next to me stopped," Dennings told FOX 2

A third car also stopped to let him cross, but Dennings said the driver of a bluish green Chevy SUV, going about 55 miles per hour, drove around Dennings' car and hit the boy. 

"The wagon flew up, went off into the grass, the handle went the other way into the street."

Now neighbors hope drivers will be more likely to slow down on Fort since there's more traffic because the freeway's closed

"They intend to use it like a highway, even though it's 45 [mph] you see people going faster than that," says Krista Harrington, who often visits the park Brandyn was heading to. 

Detroit Police say they're still looking for the vehicle involved in the fatal accident. 

Brandyn's funeral is Friday April 27 at Trinity Chapel on Fort Street, near where Bradyn was hit. The chapel is donating their services.