Arrest of men forced to ground by DPD in Greektown catches fire online

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Bystander video of Detroit police forcing a man to the ground and handcuffing him in Greektown has exploded on social media.

According to Brandi Howard's Facebook post, it happened Saturday, June 24. The woman, who claimed to see the incident first-hand, said two couples were crossing the street when a police officer approached one man from behind and took him to the ground.

Police say that man may have been walking down the middle of the street.

"When I reviewed the video, the level of restraint that our officers showed, the professionalism, despite a barrage of profanity and disrespect," Craig said.

"The first thing I thought, they were down there having a good time, there might have been a misunderstanding," said resident Fayette McCall.

Likely, there was a misunderstanding. 

"The person responded very aggressively," Craig said. "It is believed that the person may have been responding under the influence of an intoxicant."

Both men were arrested, one for resisting arrest, and the other for traffic tickets. 

"The police, we need them, they are good guys too," McCall said. "But then there are a lot of people are drinking and partying."

"We do know that the two men who were arrested were very apologetic," Craig said. "As well as the two women who were there trying to incite. So it worked out well."