Art Van Furniture donates $1 million worth of furnishings to nonprofit groups

Emily was self-sufficient before her accident. 

She described herself as "independent" and "responsible."

But then she drove over black ice and lost control of her car - smashing into a tree.

Emily's story is one of many that the Hope Network hears in their efforts to assist those in need if developmental and mental health help. But even with the backing of nonprofits, there's always more help to be given. 

"We have a lot of furniture that may not sell and what do you do with it?" asked Diane Charles.

If your Art Van, you donate it. About $1 million worth of it in fact.

"We know that Humble Design, Hope Network, we had Wings which is a domestic violence program, and they have safe homes in the Chicago area," Charles said, "so we did it all through the Midwest, not just here in Michigan."

The charity extends beyond just modest signs of sincerity, like a coworker bringing you chocolate. Communities like the Hope Network says they're eternally grateful for the gifts. 

Some of those furnishings found themselves rolled out Friday morning. 

"It makes people feel connected, it makes people feel like people care," said Anita Mitchell of the Network. "A lot of the people we serve dont' have strong family connections, so when we are put in a position to be able to upgrade furnishings or allow them in some instances to pick out certain things, it makes them feel like its their home."

"I think the folks in our homes are going to enjoy having some new furniture and some updated things and be able to see that it really means something when they get some new things," said Don King of Art Van.