Arts, Beats & Eats to have cannabis consumption area at this year's Royal Oak festival

Adults attending Arts, Beats & Eats this year can buy and consume cannabis in a special area.

House of Dank will have Dankland and Dankway set up at the downtown Royal Oak festival.

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At Dankway on 7th between Washington and Center, attendees 21 and older can shop for and use marijuana products. Dankway will feature a dab bar, a rolling station, and lounge seating. The festival noted that this area is set up away from family activities, art, and food.


Arts, Beats & Eats music lineup: Here's who is performing at the annual Labor Day weekend fest in Royal Oak

The 2023 Arts, Beats & Eats lineup is here and includes both big names and local acts. Headliners of the annual Labor Day weekend festival in Royal Oak include Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Halestorm, Russell Dickerson, and Bell Biv DeVoe.

Dankland will be an immersive pop-up experience for people 18+. This area will include LED light shows, games, and music. Consumption and marijuana sales will not take place in this space. Find it at the corner of 6th and Center.

"We are esteemed to make history as the first weed company to seamlessly integrate cannabis sales and consumption into a non-cannabis event of this size. This step promises to reshape the landscape of festivals and industry gatherings not solely within Michigan, but on a nationwide scale, which you must admit would be pretty dope," said Marvin Jamo, the owner of House of Dank.

Arts, Beats & Eats is Sept. 1-4.

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House of Dank stage music lineup:

Friday, Sept. 1

11:30AM | DJ Katalist (Funk & Party Jams)

1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

4:30PM | DJ Chrome

5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

5:30PM | Brayden (Hip Hop / Pop)

6:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

7:30PM | Dilano Dalion (Hip Hop)

8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

9:30PM | Nick Ryan (Pop/R&B)

10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

Saturday, Sept. 2

11:30AM | DJ Seoul (Electro Funk)

1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

4:30PM | Julian LaHood (Hip Hop)

5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

5:30PM | FASHION SHOW (Royal Oak Businesses)

6:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

7:30PM | Sarah Marcus (Pop)

8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

9:30PM | Brayden (Pop/R&B)

10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

Sunday, Sept. 3

11:30AM | Walter Glasshouse (House)

1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

4:30PM | Nick Ryan (Hip Hop / Pop)

5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

6:00PM | Dilano Dalion (Hip Hop)

6:30PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

7:30PM | Brayden (Hip Hop)

8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

9:15PM | Julian LaHood (Pop/R&B)

10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

Monday, Sept. 4

11:30AM | Joshua Adams (Funk, Disco & House)

1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

3:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

3:30PM | DJ Max (House/Techno)

4:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

5:45PM | DJ Max (House/Techno)

6:15PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

7:45PM | Brayden (Pop/R&B)

8:15PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)