It's now legal to buy recreational pot in Michigan, but it's only for sale in three cities

With the metaphorical flip of a switch Sunday morning, businesses with a recreational pot license officially opened for business. At 10 a.m., a proposal that was first approved by voters via ballot measure in 2018 finally concluded its long process toward regulated sales in Michigan. Don't expect to see recreational businesses dot the Michigan landscape though.

Parents, don't send brownies or treats with your kids to school, Pontiac superintendent says

After two separate incidents of kids ingesting treats laced with THC at school, the Pontiac School District is asking parents to avoid sending their children to school with home-baked snacks or prepackaged items. Worried about more potential events where kids over-ingest cannabis-laced treats, they're taking more measures to keep them away from school property.

CBD is all the hype nowadays, but not all of it is regulated. Here's what you need to know

You've probably heard of CBD - it's everywhere. The compound, which is extracted from marijuana buds and flowers is used to treat pain and disorders like epilepsy. However, with the hype reaching a fever pitch, it'll help to know where it's best to buy the product if you plan on using it. Dr. Mark Moyad of the University of Michigan explains what to look out for.