As many as 100 cats removed from Taylor house in hoarding situation

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A shocking update to an animal hoarding investigation we've been following.

Police now say as many as 100 cats were inside a home in Taylor house on Harding Street.

The conditions are beyond deplorable, trash everywhere and in some places, almost up to the ceiling.

Animal feces cover the ground and Taylor Animal Control says somewhere inside this house are dozens of cats.

"The people that lived here said there was about 30 to 40 (cats)," said Lanny Hall, Taylor Animal Control. "A family member said there was plenty more than that and probably a lot of them dead in there"

Professional cleaning crews have to move out all the garbage so animal control can actually get to animals. It is nearly impossible to believe a woman and her adult son were living in these conditions.

"You never know it from the outside," said neighbor Mike Cavallero. "You see it on shows. But when it's right around you, it's really surprising"

FOX 2: "How do you believe people lived in this type of situation?"

"I can't explain it," Hall said. "There is no possible way I can imagine somebody even living in it."