Asian Corned Beef location nixed near Green Acres neighborhood

A new Asian Corned Beef location planned next to Detroit's Green Acres neighborhood has been shot down. 

The Detroit Zoning Board denied the necessary permit for the chain to open a new location at the former Stanley's Place at 8 Mile and Woodward. The neighborhood borders the intersection.

Many who live there were opposed to to the idea of the new location. 

"That's a win for the neighborhood, for sure," says Eric Gordon. 

"There were some significant concerns in the neighborhood, for the traffic, the noise, the vermin potential," says Elizabeth Schneider. An order mix-up that led to a scuffle inside the location on Gratiot earlier this year didn't help sell the idea, either.

With the beef over corned beef settled, residents have a bigger fish to fry - the growing homeless encampment at the intersection

"Of real concern are the rumors we hear of drug use there. A neighbor recently found syringes behind their house and there's been reports of people using the bathroom in the woods here," Schneider told us. 

"It's been tidied up a little bit they had a little tent village set up. The police come through occasionally and clear them out but it lasts about a day and then they're back," Gordon said. 

Green Acres is one of Detroit's stronger neighborhoods. It is surrounded by a cluster of thriving communities like Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest and the University District.  Areas that, since the recession, have seen a steady rise in property values as well as a mounting concerns about their unwanted neighbors.

Kim Tandy, the City of Detroit's district manager for the area, told us they're actively working with both the state and the neighboring city of Ferndale to come up with a solution.

As for the Asian Corned Beef location, we reached out to the company for comment on the decision but have not yet heard back.