At Waterford's L.A. Cafe and Java, customers find a mom-and-pop diner with 'Good Food, Good Mood'

"I'm looking at the scromlettes. I'm going to go with Picasso," FOX 2's Josh Landon says, holding a menu. 

It's a create-your-own order, so he's thinking egg whites, turkey sausage, tomatoes, green peppers, and spinach. "I love spinach," he tells the Heidi Garunstadt, who is standing over the grill. But what about the cheese? 

"Oh it's going to be feta," Garunstadt says. 

While its cooking, the co-owners of L.A. Cafe and Java in Waterford point to another treat worth trying: the pastries cooling into the window.

"So also, in the window is our chocolate white raspberry scones," Garunstadt said. "Those are our top scone sellers. You are welcome dig in and grab one and dig in if you like."

How could someone say no?

Located off of Dixie Highway, customers will find a restaurant with service as friendly as its walls are decorated - and there is no shortage of toys and knick-knacks to gawk at. But as Heidi will attest to, it was inspired by her husband Darren.

"This is my husband’s doing when you say ‘the look in here.’ At home, it’s the opposite. We’re really mid-century modern, minimalistic, super-clean lines," said Garunstadt. "He would bring home the most random things, like a German coo-coo-clock. I would be like ‘oh, that’s nice. Where is that going?’ He would say ‘oh, the café.’ I would be like ‘such a good idea!’"

"It just grew from there."

But the fun doesn't stop there. It expands to the outside where creative murals blanket the exterior. They're the first thing that catches your eye when entering the parking lot. 

L.A. Cafe and Java has been in service for decades. The mom and pop store have been run by the couple since 1996. How Garunstadt tells the story, both the restaurant's opening and her union with Darren happened back-to-back.

"We decided to open a restaurant and get married a month apart. I would not recommend anyone doing that," she said. "So we’ve been doing it for many years now."

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The menu comes equipped with all the traditional items a diner can carry, along with an emphasis on vegan and gluten-free products. 

Garunstadt hopes that whatever customers order, their reaction matches the sentiment of her shirt: Good Food, Good Mood.

"It makes sense, doesn’t it?" Garunstadt said. "Sometimes you’re out eating, you’ll put a bite in your mouth, and you catch yourself going ‘hmmmm…oh this is really good. I’m really enjoying this' and that’s how I feel about a good meal."