Atomic Chicken launches story creation contest

The name of the chicken in the logo is Adam. The name of the chicken on the roof is Fay. The rest of their story is totally up to you, the creative writing, hopeful-contest-winning public.

"The winner, whoever we choose, gets a $250 gift certificate to Atomic Chicken," says Matt Baldridge.

Atomic Chicken, which, as they say, is hatching soon in Clawson, already has one location in Detroit. Now there's going to be two and the guys behind it say the concept is right there in their slogan: chicken with attitude.

"We have the usual suspects, fried chicken. We're also doing a tika chicken. We're also doing an amazing butterscotch, amazing black eyed peas. We just wanted something a little more substantial, a little more thought that went into the food," says Greg Reyner. He also says they're working on a Faygo Rock & Rye pudding.

So stop clucking and start plucking your brain for ideas. There's a 500 word limit.

"Whatever people can come up with is what we want. We want something different; we want it to be out of the box, which is kind of how this all came about," says Baldridge.

The contest is now open. Submit your stories of 500 words or less to by Monday, April 11 at 5 p.m. EST.

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