AT&T contributes $50K for Connected Learning Center in Detroit

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the digital divide front and center and AT&T is trying to help make high-speed internet more accessible for student and families.

AT&T invested $50,0000 to help expand high-speed internet on Detroit's east side through the Connected Learning Center.

The building opened inside Jefferson East and CEO Josh Elling stressed how important this is for the residents in the area.

"This is critical because when we think about it: how individuals access resources. Look for jobs, apply for loans, or the hope property tax credit — a lot of that is online," Elling said.

The pandemic has stretched the digital divide more than ever as many of our daily life moved more online.

The FCC says 19 million Americans don't have access to the internet. In Detroit alone, 50% of the population doesn't have a desktop or laptop.

AT&T's contribution and offer to provide free WiFi for three years to the Connected Learning Center is the first step to bridge that gap.

"We will continue to advocate for inclusion and equity. Opportunity and access for our community.. closer to fruition," said Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield.

Detroit is the fifth city to have a Connected Learning Center. AT&T plans to open 20 in underserved communities nationwide.