Attempted Troy hatchet attack outside Lifetime Fitness leads to arrest

File photo

Troy police arrested a suspect for an attempted hatchet attack in the parking lot of Lifetime Fitness on March 29.

There were no injuries, but the two witnesses told police the suspect, who was their acquaintance, was chasing them with a hatchet. They reported the suspect blocked their car in the parking lot, ran around their vehicle and struck the rear passenger side window with the hatchet, causing damage outside Lifetime Fitness, 4700 Investment Drive.

Officers located the suspect vehicle northbound on Crooks road at Long Lake and initiated a traffic stop. The driver was secured in handcuffs and admitted to having a hatchet in the vehicle.

The driver told officers he was looking for someone who had threatened him but he had the wrong person. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Troy police Lock-up Facility where he was charged with Felonious Assault and Malicious Destruction of Property.

No further suspect information has been made available by Troy police at this time.