Attorney: Officer changed story under oath in Terrance Kellom fatal shooting

Civil rights leaders held a press conference Monday on the steps of the federal courthouse in Detroit asking for the reopening of the Terrance Kellum death investigation.

This coming after one of the officers at the scene who previously said the man was holding a hammer, changed his story under oath.

The family of Kellom, their attorney, and several civil rights leaders want the case re-examined after the Wayne County prosecutor decided not to charge the federal officer who shot and killed Kellom in 2015.

Kellom was shot and killed April 27, 2015, at a home on Evergreen in Detroit as a fugitive task force arrived to arrest him for an armed robbery. 

Police say Kellom charged at ICE officer Mitchell Quinn with a hammer. Quinn has maintained that he was in fear of his life and says he was forced to shoot him. 

Kellom was shot in the neck, shoulder, posterior flank and thigh.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy declined to file charges against Quinn because police had said he was armed with the hammer.

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Kellom's family filed a lawsuit against the officer for $50 million. During the federal lawsuit, the officer who said Kellom had a hammer changed his story while under oath, the family attorney said.

"...the witnessing officer changed his story and made clear that there was no hammer in Terrance Kellom's hand and that he never saw a hammer at the scene of the house that day," attorney Nabih Ayad said.

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Ayad says this lines up with what the family has said happened that day - that Terrance did not have a hammer and was 'executed."

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The Attorney General's spokeswoman Kelly Rossman-McKinney released a statement: 

"We are committed to making certain that residents of our state have confidence in our justice system. As with any case involving allegations of police midconduct, we are more than willing to sit down with the attorneys for Mr. Kellom's family and with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office."