Attorney says system failed both husband and wife dead after murder-suicide at Warren gas station

Loved ones of a woman who was killed by her estranged husband at a Warren gas station earlier this month can't help but wonder if her death could have been prevented. 

Kenya Goodman Simmons' estranged husband, 43-year-old Antwan Goodman, had a long criminal history but always seemed to avoid spending time behind bars. 

Her death happened Oct. 10 at the Sunoco gas station parking lot at 9 Mile and Hoover. Apparently, the former husband and wife drove to the gas station separately and met up at the location to talk. Police say Antwan shot and killed Kenya and then killed himself. 

“I believe the entire system failed both of them," said Dennis Whittie, a pro bono attorney for the family from Law Assistance Project. 

Court records show Antwan just stood before a judge in Hazel Park two months before the shootings for domestic violence, a charge that got reduced to disorderly conduct.

“There was no standard things or conditions ordered for most domestics, such as a no-contact order, surrender your firearms, potentially a tether so you can be tracked," Whittie said.

Records also show Antwan was charged with assault and battery in 2016 in Hazel Park. That charge was also reduced to disorderly conduct but that judge ordered him to spend five days in jail and 12 months on probation.

“Obviously, some of that didn’t work. In this case, potentially this could’ve been a time where he should’ve been incarcerated," Whittie said.

Records also show Antwan was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property in 2002. That case was dismissed and other charges dating back to the '90s include drug possession, larceny and more disorderly conducts.

“You’ve got 18 years of domestic violence papers and this is what we end up with?“ Kenya's best friend Carol Anderson. 

Anderson said Antwan continuously violated the personal protection order she took out on him in 2019.

“She moved out three months ago and didn’t live 92 days. This is how the community takes care of our people?” Anderson said.

FOX 2 reached out to Antwan’s attorney from that August domestic violence charge. The attorney said he can’t comment. We also reached out to the judge on that same case and he has not returned our requests for comment.

“We don’t know if it would’ve been prevented. That’s another sad part of this case," Whittie said.


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