Woman killed by husband in murder-suicide, family gathers to remember her life

A family is in shock, after their loved one, Kenya Goodman Simmons, was murdered in a gas station parking lot Saturday night at 9 Mile and Hoover in Warren. 

Police told FOX 2, her estranged husband shot her to death and then he shot and killed himself. 

Apparently, the former husband and wife drove to the gas station separately, and met up at the location to talk, but unfortunately, it took a deadly turn. 

Kenya, just 52, had spoken on the phone with her daughter shortly before she was killed. 

“He do this to her? For what,” said Kenya’s daughter Keonnia Simmons. “He left us hurting, and we don’t know why he would do this.”

“Now my 14-year-old niece is an orphan, my 35-year-old niece has no mom, and her grandkids have no grandmother,” said Kenya’s sister, Kimberly Wilson. 

Family members say Kenya was moving on with her life, and she was happy. 

Friends and family also say they don’t want Kenya to die in vain, and they want this tragedy to be a wake up all for others. 

“Every woman, if he hits you once, he will do it again,” Wilson said. “Please protect those that are being abused. We have to do more, let her death be the trigger, spring into action.”

Kenya leaves behind two kids.