Attorney: Worthy dropped dodgeball assault charges against boy due to media pressure

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Despite an assault charge being dropped against her son, his mother remains outraged. 

"I just could not believe that any person would think it's okay to criminalize a child," said mother Cameisha Lindley.

"I want Kim Worthy to see the person she charged with aggravated assault," said attorney Maurice Davis. 

Lindley's son Bryce was charged for hitting a schoolmate in the face with a ball after a game of 'Tips,' a modified version of dodgeball at their Canton Township school.  

"My son was the only African-American child playing this game and he received a suspension," said Lindley.

But shortly after charges were brought forth. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced it was dismissing the case in hopes that quote both sides will go back to the table to work out a solution that benefits both children. 

"She dismissed charges because of media pressure," Davis said.

Now the mother of the little boy who was injured is also talking to the media. 

"A grade 2 concussion, a black eye, a black and blue nose," she said, listing the injuries her son suffered.


Wayne County drops assault charges against 10-year-old for school game

Boy, 10, charged with assault for school dodgeball game

The victim's mother wanted charges filed, not to get Bryce in trouble but to teach a lesson.

"I want him to understand his actions have consequences," she said. "I tried communicating with the mother several times but nobody wants to hear that. She refused to speak with me, I want this child to get some counseling in conflict resolution."

But the attorney for the Lindley family is calling for something else after they say Bryce was victimized by the justice system
"It's still not okay, we are not going to let it get swept under the rug," Davis said.

Now the family's attorney is asking community to contact the prosecutor's office.

"We are asking the general public to contact her office and ask her to reform the way they authorize charges against juveniles," Davis said.