Auburn Hills mom pleads with daughter to return home with infant: 'We want to help you'

A mother in Auburn Hills is pleading with her daughter to come back home safely with her one-month-old granddaughter.

"Mandi, please," said Vanessa Reina, the mother of Amanda Prowell. "We want to help you." 

Eliza Prowell-Smith (left) and Amanda Prowell (right).

Amanda, 32, took off with her newborn baby Eliza several days ago, according to police. The mother and her child were last seen on Friday Feb. 2, outside her apartment complex on South Boulevard in Auburn Hills.

Reina said she has been getting phone calls and messages of support since her daughter and granddaughter went missing, but it has all been a nightmare. She wants her loved ones home.

"We love you and the baby. You know how much I love the baby and you," Reina pleaded. "Please just come on home. Nobody wants to hurt you. None of that. We want to help you, Mandi."

On Monday, an Endangered Missing Advisory was issued for Eliza, who was born in mid-December.

Amanda Prowell-Smith

Amanda Prowell was last seen on Friday Feb. 2, outside her apartment complex on South Boulevard in Auburn Hills. 

The "baby is healthy; the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen in my life," Reina said. "I would hold her and never get bored, just sit there and look at her for hours."

But now, she hasn't seen her grandchild or daughter all week.

According to Auburn Hills Police, Amanda assaulted Reina in front of Eliza on Friday – and by Monday, the two were gone.

Reina said she is concerned about them, as Amanda has dealt with mental health challenges for some time.

"I've been dealing with this for years, and I've begged everyone to help me with this situation, with the mental illness," Reina said. "She’s got brain damage."


Missing woman and infant daughter still being sought by Auburn Hills police

"She has had two previous children taken from her custody," he said. "Based on her mental illness and not taking her medication, we’re concerned."

Despite all of this, Reina said she believes her daughter would never harm Eliza; she loves her deeply.

"It’s indescribable. It’s like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from," Reina said.

While Amanda has two other children, they are safe with relatives right now.

Police ask anyone with tips or information to call 911 or the Auburn Hills Police Department at 248-370-4444 as soon as possible.