Baby Cow 'Goliath' Thinks He's a Dog

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Screenshot photos from @shaysaprocky Twitter. 

We would like to introduce you to an ‘udderly’ adorable baby cow, who thinks he’s a dog.

Goliath is not your typical cow and this was confirmed after a photo quickly went viral on Twitter of him resting on a couch in the same position most pups would sit.

“My cow thinks he’s a dog… We left the door open for 5 minutes,” said California resident Shaylee Hubbs on Twitter last month.



The Hubbs family rescued the animal from being slaughtered at a dairy farm, according to Along with the family's three dogs, Goliath is now living the life on a ranch. 



In addition to the funny photo of Goliath on the coach, Hubbs has shared other videos and pictures that further confirm the cow does in fact believe he’s a dog. Hubbs, a high school student, said Goliath also eats dog food and enjoys being scratched.



Since Goliath’s new-found-fame, a Twitter account has been set up just for him: @goliaththecow.



There you can find videos of him indulging in dog food, resting on dog mats and running around with other dogs.