Baby home safe in Highland Park after taken by mother's ex just out of prison

A baby in Highland Park has been reunited with her mother after being kidnapped for several hours over the weekend. 

Police say the girl was taken for more than four hours by her mother's ex boyfriend, who had just gotten out of prison. 

This all started Saturday afternoon when police tell FOX 2 the baby's mother got into an argument with 21-year-old Lemont Jackson at her Highland Park apartment. Jackson recently got out of prison for attempted murder.

He allegedly pulled a gun out, then took the baby and her mother's SUV. Police say Jackson thinks the baby is his, although its unconfirmed.

After a couple of hours someone in Jackson's family convinced him to leave the baby, named Jhurnee, with them. They called police and handed the baby over. 

"Great job to that family member to convince him to hand over the baby, because that is number one priority - a defenseless baby that doesn't have anything to do with anything. So making sure that baby is home safe with her mom is most important," said Highland Park police liaison Marli Blackman. 

As of Sunday evening Jackson is still on the run. Highland Park police are asking he turn himself in.