Bags of goldfish are being found on doorsteps, random areas

Several people have found bags of live fish on their doorsteps and in random areas in Oakland County.

The pet shop "Tropical Fish and Bird" on Woodward says they've had multiple people bring them the fish after finding them.

They said the bags were left at their doorstep but they don't know who would do it or why.

A Huntington Woods resident also found a bag of live goldfish at an intersection.

"I went and picked them up, they were in the sun, just in the middle of the street baking which made me feel terrible," said Kaitlyn Ring.

"I've heard nothing like this before," said Matt Overall, the owner of Tropical Fish and Bird. "But it seems like things like this happen more and more. Why someone would buy fish and put them in random areas, they are not going to last very long."

The owner of tropical fish and bird says anyone who comes across any other bags of fish can bring them to the store on Woodward, and they will take care of them.