Bank robber resembling Kid Rock threatens employees with a bomb

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Ann Arbor Police have already received tons of tips about a bank robbery suspect who many believe looks like Kid Rock and they want everyone to know that they've already ruled him out as a suspect.

The Comerica Bank on Washtenaw was robbed around 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The man walked up to the teller with a note written on a piece of notebook paper that said the teller had two minutes to get him large bills and that he had a bomb.

It's not just the bold robbery that's catching people's attention - it's also his uncanny resemblance to Detroit star Kid Rock that has people calling in tips.

"We have ruled out Kid Rock as a suspect despite the resemblance and the calls from the public that that's our guy," Ann Arbor Police Detective Matt Lige said.

When he walked in to the bank, police said he didn't really try to hide his face.

"There was no hype, there was no yelling - it was very matter-of-fact. He pulled the note out of his pocket. He made sure she read the note in its entirety," Lige said.

Lige said the teller gave him his cash and he immediately walked out the door and disappeared into the crowd. The bank is tucked in among other shops and busy traffic, allowing him to walk out and blend in with the crowd. Police are hoping the images left behind will be enough to track him down and they also say he has a distinctive marking on his hand.

"It appears that the suspect has a tattoo or a birthmark on the outside or upper part of his right hand," Lige said.

The police department is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and any tips that aren't Kid Rock-related are appreciated.

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