Bar owner unleashes tirade on customer for bad review on Facebook

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A salad with a side of swear words. The menu options at a Detroit eatery left a bad taste with some customers.

The customer is always right, but not at Red Corridor - sure they can give a bad review, but the bar reserves the right to do the same.

It was Corktown bar owner Johnny Irwin's response on Facebook to a dissatisfied couple that is now the talk of the town:

"As the owner, my advice is to (expletive) off and never come back (expletive)! Go somewhere that likes (expletive) (expletive) holes!!! Maybe you shouldn't ask how much every item is, cheap (expletive)!! Open your own bar!!! I'm killing it!!"

The decor creeped the couple out and they took issue with the vulgar names for menu items and said the food was awful.

"Let someone come into your home that you slaved over a hot meal for 17 hours and insult your home, your food and everything you've done and see how you feel," said Randi Irwin, bar co-owner.

Randi Irwin's husband Johnny prepared that meal and wrote that profanity peppered Facebook post. They run Red Corridor together and she too responded to the bad reviews left on their Facebook page.

"As a customer, we rate you zero stars," she wrote. "We find your lack of a sense of humor to be absurd and boring."

Their responses to the couple's criticism invited more bad reviews but Randi says she and her husband are not offering any apologies.

But if given the chance to rewrite their responses...

"I would probably not have my husband swear at people," Randi said. "Even though I know exactly where he was coming from but this is not the place to cater to people who are rude and disrespectful to people who work here."

The owners are not adverse to all criticism.  FOX 2 saw they responded graciously and modestly to some other bad reviews online. They say they are not concerned with this social media spat doing any harm to their business.

The couple did add that they are now getting bad reviews by people who have never been to their bar.