Barricaded gunman in Auburn Hills surrenders peacefully to police

A barricaded gunman situation in Auburn Hills ended peacefully as the suspect surrendered Monday afternoon.

The man, armed with a revolver, had wanted police to shoot him according to investigators. When officers said they were not going to shoot him, he gave himself up from inside the house, located on Ashburnham Street.

He was taken into custody and is awaiting charges. He has not been identified by police yet.

Earlier on Monday the man was allegedly knocking on doors prompted an elementary school lock down and eventual help from SWAT teams.

We're told the man was going around knocking on doors along Ashburnham Street in the early afternoon. Police say they caught up with the man and attempted to question him, but the suspect fought with officers and barricaded himself inside a home just before 1 p.m.

The man stayed inside the home for about two hours and eventually came out with his hands up.

Meanwhile, R. Grant Graham Elementary School was locked down. The school is near I-75 between South Boulevard and Auburn Road.