Barricaded gunman situation ends in Dearborn Heights

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Four teenaged suspects are in custody after holding police at bay for several hours in Dearborn Heights. According to police, the entire thing is believed to have been a set up.

It happened in the 17000 block of Annapolis Street, which is near the Southfield Freeway and Outer Drive. Police arrived around 1 a.m. and were at the scene for several hours trying to convince the suspect to exit the home.

Dearborn Heights SWAT was focused on the house and waited outside the home with guns and sirens blaring, urging the suspects to come out with their hands up.

Police were originally directed to the home by a gunshot victim at a nearby hospital. According to Dearborn Heights Police Chief Lee Gavin, they think the victim was set up by the suspects.

"Supposedly meeting these people for a narcotics purchase. it appears they set him up to rob him," Gavin said.

After repeated attempts to get the suspects to surrender and no response, SWAT took their own actions to make their move around 8 a.m. They busted down the front door and one-by-one the suspects were taken into custody.

The four suspects, all in their late teens, were eventually led out and into waiting police cruisers.

The shooting victim was hit in the leg and is expected to survive.