Barricaded gunman surrenders to Detroit police after 9 hour standoff

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A 68-year-old man involved in a standoff with Detroit police has surrendered.

The standoff with police in southwest Detroit continued late into Tuesday night - and it all started with a 911 call made by the 68-year-old suspect himself. At about 10:40, the man gave himself up.

It is unclear what charges the man may face, but police have turned over the case to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. He has been hospitalized to treat his gunshot wound.

The suspect had allegedly pointed a long gun at police but did not fire, although an officer shot and wounded him in the backside. He retreated to a van parked in his backyard where is holed up.

"He stated that he called 911 because he thought two males were trying to break into his home," said Cmdr. Elvin Barren. "But in fact the bailiffs did identify themselves. So it appears he's just mad that he is frustrated he is losing his home and wanted police to come to remove the bailiffs."

His grandson identified him as Larry Turville, who at 2 p.m. Tuesday was in the process of being evicted from his childhood home, a home he has lived in for the past 50 years.

When police came to investigate his claim of a break-in, he pulled his weapon.

"The suspect pulled his weapon and pointed it at the officer," Barren said. "At which time officers returned fire, striking him in the rear."

Police say he then took two long guns with him and hid out in his van parked at his home on Wheelock near Lafayette where police began negotiating his surrender.

"We did offer him the opportunity if he comes out we can set him up with some resources that can help him recover his home," Barren said.

Because Turville was shot, ambulances were on hand along with a number of law enforcement agencies.

"He stated the blood has stopped," Barren said. "He says he feels a little a tingling in his buttocks area but no pain."

Both police and FOX 2 have been in touch in with his family who they hoped to use to speed up the standoff situation.

"He stated he loves his grandchild, he stated that he loves life," Barren said. "He stated he will not die inside this van."

Family relatives are at the scene and are asking the public to pray for the man at this time.