Barricaded man with AK-47 asks DPD if it 'to go to war'

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A barricaded gunman situation ended peacefully and the AK-47 wielding suspect in custody.

Detroit police were called to the east side at 8 a.m. Thursday on reports that a person was armed with a rifle.

Officers arrived to find Tauhid Kelley challenging them inside the housing unit on Kercheval.

"(He stated) 'Do you want to go to war?'" said Cmdr. Elvin Barren.

Family members tell police that Kelley was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

"I don't know why he goes through it, but he does," said a family member who requested anonymity. "About four months ago, he did this. I had to talk to the police in Hamtramck. I think he isn't taking his medication."

The landlord for the building where Kelley lives says he just saw him earlier this week.

"It is surprising," said Dennis Perkins. "I just saw him yesterday and he was fine. I think it is a medication issue. He gets off medication and I think he sort of drifts from reality."

Police say Kelley was in his unit by himself, refused to surrender and that's when the special response team and hostage negotiators were called in.

During negotiations, Detroit police received assistance from a neighboring Grosse Pointe police which worked on securing the area.

Police say after a few hours of negotiating with Kelley, he surrendered peacefully just before 11:30 a.m. and was taken into police custody.

"Our hostage negotiators talk him out," Cmdr. Elvin Barren said. "Our SWAT team recovered an assault rifle inside the house."