Beaumont Health to require vaccinations for all employees by fall, possibly sooner

Beaumont Health is requiring all employees, volunteers, and providers to get the COVID-19 vaccine it announced Wednesday.

But the health system said it will not be required until the Food and Drug Administration formally approves one or more of the vaccines - which is expected in fall. But that stipulation may change and vaccinations may be required sooner - based on the spread of the Delta variant, it said.

"However, if the positive rate for the surrounding communities begins to spike or Beaumont experiences a fourth pandemic surge, the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandated before full FDA approval," according to a release.  

Beaumont said team members must be fully vaccinated within six weeks of full FDA approval of any viable COVID-19 vaccine.

"Team members who do not meet exemptions and refuse to get vaccinated will initially be suspended. Those who choose not to be vaccinated will no longer be allowed to work at Beaumont," it said.

The vaccination mandate was based on the rapid spread of the new Delta variant among unvaccinated people along with its highly contagious nature, according to the release.

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"To protect the safety of patients, employees, and providers, Beaumont Health will make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all employees and providers who practice medicine or work at Beaumont facilities," Beaumont Health system said.

Anyone who works in a Beaumont facility, including employees, volunteers, and providers who practice or work at Beaumont facilities, will be required to get the vaccine.