Beaumont security officer honored for saving man's life

A quick-thinking police chaplain saved a patient's life while moonlighting at a local hospital.

"I came into work, it was a normal day and everything was going good," Cedric Wyckoff said. 

But as Wyckoff, a Beaumont Security Officer, was looking for a wheelchair, he noticed something appeared to be wrong with a patient.

"As I was passing by him he started making groans and reaching for his chest, I said are you okay."

Within seconds the patient was down on the ground and Wyckoff called for help. Then he jumped into action as he waited for medical staff to arrive. 

"I went over there and checked to see if he had a pulse, he had no pulse, and to see if he was breathing," Wyckoff said. "I started doing CPR on him and lo and behold, he came back."

One week later the president of Beaumont Hospital in Troy joined with Wyckoff as he was honored for his life saving effort by his colleagues who presented him with an award.

"To not have to wait for a doctor to save your life is wonderful," said Morris Cotton, director of Beaumont security. 

This is not the first time Wyckoff has helped save a life 

FOX 2 first saw Wyckoff in action at a homicide investigation scene in October when he was serving as a chaplain.

When the victim's father experienced a medical emergency, Wyckoff performed CPR to help the man.

Wyckoff says he was also awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award in September after rendering aid to a man aboard the Princess Boat in Detroit. 

Wyckoff says he appreciates being recognized but that's not why he works to save lives.

"We don't do this for recognition, we do it from our heart," he said. "You can't put a price tag on what you do from the heart."