Beaumont stepping up with job opportunities for laid off GM workers

We're learning more about the massive round of layoffs at General Motors. 

On Monday layoffs started for nearly 1,300 salaried employees at the Warren Tech Center. They'll get a two month severance package.

This is part of the 4,000 white collar jobs the company is eliminating. 

GM Says a number of companies have expressed interest in hiring some of their laid off workers. 

For example, Beaumont Health is known to be reaching out to General Motors. It has 500 job openings. 

"Certainly as a fellow Detroiter our hearts go out to everyone effected at GM," Aaron Gillingham, Beaumont Health Chief of Human Resources, told us. "We have jobs open in finance, information technology, human resources where there are a lot of transferable skills. In an area where the unemployment rate in Michigan is so low, that the opportunities for those GM workers I certainly hope will present themselves for them."

General Motors says the cuts are necessary to position the automaker to be competitive long term.