Beauty store brawl breaks out in Detroit

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A customer goes berserk inside a Detroit beauty store and the business owners are giving us their surveillance video.

It's a beauty shop brawl that’s tough to watch. An employee with Beauty, Hair and Wigs on Eight Mile Road in Detroit.

Young Kang says she was at work Sept. 23 when an angry customer showed up.

"The lady came in with some shoes and some hair and she wanted a refund," Kang said.

Kang says she told the woman it looked like the merchandise had been used, so she offered her an exchange. Kang says the woman knocked over several showcases and stormed out.

"I heard a loud noise, she went out and she came back again," Kang said.

As the woman walked in a second time, another employee said he locked the door to try and keep her there. Surveillance video shows Kang and another employee trying to stop her from leaving.

But not long after, fists begin to fly and at one point Kang was thrown to the ground.

"She punched me here, scratched me here," Kang said.

With a larger crowd gathering the woman tried to get away and Kang tried to restrain her. The fight finally broke up and Kang quickly calling police.

"The police come after one hour and she's gone," Kang said.

Kang says she got the woman's license plate and gave it to police.

"He said a couple hours and he'd come back, (the police) never showed up and nobody called me," Kang said.

Detroit police told Fox 2 Friday there was no follow-up on the alleged assault because the report turned up empty due to a computer glitch.

"There was nothing in the report," said Lt. Ron Lockhart. "The report was open but there was nothing there."

Following up with Kang Friday, Detroit police say they've already spoken to the other woman.

"The other party that was involved, the customer actually came into the station and made a report," Lockhart said.

Along with that, Detroit police are now able to take a good look at this surveillance video.

"I think everything is okay, the matter is being investigated," said Lockhart.