Beligan roots run deep in Detroit as world grips with terror attacks

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The attacks in Brussels are weighing heavy on many in Michigan. An estimated 250,000 people who live in Michigan are of Belgian descent.

You can see the influences from Belgium on our street signs and in our restaurants. On Tuesday, the sadness was being felt at Cadieux Cafe on Detroit's east side. It's the unofficial community center for Belgians here in Detroit

"Belgium is pretty neutral when it comes to everything. I don't understand why they gotta go against civilians and stuff like that," Ron Devos said.

He's one of the owners of the cafe that was a speakeasy during prohibition. His parents bought the bar in the 60s and their Belgian roots run deep. So too does sadness.

"I worried about some of my family I have in Belgium. And i felt bad for everybody else too. The Paris people, the 9/11 people, it seems like it just all really hit home," Devos said.

Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Andy Arena says this is the world we live in and, right now, Brussels is in the terror spotlight.

"It's chaos right now, from a law enforcement standpoint, it's chaos in Brussels because are there other attacks out there? Are there other attacks to be perpetrated. First and foremost they're trying to stop that from happening and trying to identify these people and how did this happen. There's a lot going on right now," Arena said.

At Detroit's Metro Airport, strong security was in place and passengers admitted they were concerned, but flights still took off as planned.

As metro Detroit processes what's happened oversees, many from the Muslim faith are reaching out  the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to plan a vigil and symposium for Wednesday night at Henry Ford College in Dearborn.

"We all want all of us to come together as one - whether you be Muslim or Christian or Jewish or no religion at all - to stand up against terrorism and violence. Violence doesn't have a religion at all. Islam does not condone these types of acts," Mahir Osman with Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed at least 31 and injured countless others,