Belle Isle beach access remains closed due to E. Coli

High levels of E. Coli have shut down beach access at Belle Isle Monday, the second day in a row the bacteria has limited recreation at the popular location.

Access to Belle Isle remains, but any visitors will be asked to avoid going in the water to avoid risking any contamination.

While the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes, and Energy keeps track of bacteria levels around the state, the only closure in effect is down in Southeast Michigan. Testing is expected to continue and results could come as soon as later Monday.

According to BeachGuard, EGLE's online tracker that records test results of water around the state, the closure order was issued after testing done by the Detroit Health Department. It started noticing heightened levels of E. Coli on June 1.

The last time beach access was limited at Belle Isle was in 2021 due to high levels of bacteria.

The health department tests the water around Belle Isle three times a month. 

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E. Coli is a bacteria that lives in the intestines of healthy people and animals. When it emerges in the environment, it's typically after exposure to feces. 

Enforcing the closure can be tough for the Department of Natural Resources, which frequently says it doesn't have the resources to enforce keeping people out of the water.

"Unfortunately even when we've had staff out there that have reminded folks, they're allowed to say ‘well, I’m not worried about it'," said Tom Bissett, with the DNR.

The closure comes at a poor time due to another round of sunny weather rolling in this week. It's not expected to be as hot as last week.

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