Bernie Sanders meets with FOX 2 before Dearborn rally

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Before arriving for the town hall in Detroit, Bernie Sanders was already in the metro where he met with supporters in Dearborn.

A win in Michigan could be a turning point for his campaign and just a day before voters head to the polls and choose a candidate in the state primary, hundreds went to a rally where Bernie Sanders spoke.

"We are not satisfied with the status quo, we need change!" Sanders told supporters.

Sanders touched on a number of topics from raising the minimum wage and healthcare. He spoke to a cheering, younger crowd, and called healthcare a right, not a privilege. He also demanded that public colleges an universities by tuition free and compared his stance on tuition to the right for women to vote.

"This may seem radical, but women's rights seemed radical and gay marriage seemed radical," Sanders said.

Sanders accused Hillary Clinton of hiding her positions on trade and called her a liar. He also slammed Donald Trump's 'selfishness' and said he loved hatred.

He also sat down with FOX 2's Erika Erickson and answered several questions including how he would reach across the aisle and work with the republicans. Watch the one-on-one in the video above.

Sanders says if a large amount of voters show up to vote, he will win.