Bernie Sanders visits UAW picket line in Hamtramck

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate hopeful Bernie Sanders is in Michigan Wednsday, visiting the General Motors plant in Hamtramck. 

He's the latest in a string of candidates to mee with UAW picketers in the recent days. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have also visited. 

His visit came on the tenth day of the strike, with the ripple effects becoming more evident. 

Inventory on some GM vehicles is starting to dwindle and several warehouses have been shut down. That has repair shops and dealers running short on parts. Drivers with newer vehicles will be hit the hardest, because there are no used parts. 

Meanwhile, GM is losing millions of dollars and has been forced to close one Canadian factory and send workers home at another. The 49,000 striking workers are going to have to get by on $250 per week in strike pay. 

This doesn't even include the restaurants and other businesses around the more than 30 U.S. factories that have been closed due to the strike. And the longer the strike lasts, the worse it will get for everyone.