Betting the games within the BIG game with FOX Bet

Now that FOX Bet is legal in Michigan, you can bet the big game between Kansas City and Tampa Bay - but you can also bet games within the game.

Ryan Ermanni and Kellie Rowe did just that. They put $50 in a FOX Bet account and picked just a few of the 400 ways you can bet Super Bowl LV between the returning champs and the GOAT.

Let's break down some of these prop bets. First - rushing yards. Kellie is betting the Chiefs pick up more rushing yards than Tampa. Why? Math.

The Chiefs run the ball more, to the tune of 47 more yards per game than the Bucs. Kansas City also has a stout defense and allows 15 yards less per game.

Another fun one is the Michigan alumni bet. We all know Tom Brady played quarterback at Michigan before his record-setting career that started in New England. But there are two other players from universities in Michigan. Le'Veon Bell (Michigan State) and Antonio Brown (Central).

Download the FOX Bet app before the game and get $100 in free play.

The bet here is simple: pick the Michigan college alumni to score a receiving or rushing touchdown and you'll double your money.

Of course - it's not just scoring. You can bet the coin toss too and double what's in your account. Kellie and Ryan picked tails which, statistically speaking, it's likely to happen. Over the past nine Super Bowls, it's been tails six times.

Ok - so those are just a sampling of the games within the game. But let's pick the game.

Kansas City is favored by 3.5. If you bet on them to cover and they win by 4 or more - and you win. You pick Tampa Bay and they lose by 3, 2, 1, or win - you win.

Ryan and Kellie agree that you can't bet against Tom Brady. Both picked Tampa Bay to not just cover the spread - but to win.

As for the total points scored - both agree that the over/under of 55 won't be enough to contain these offenses.

So there you have it. They put $10 down on each for a total of $50, all have even odds so, if they win, they're looking at a $100 with the FOX Bet app.