Biden talks creating more jobs, increasing police resources & funding, tax increases for income over $400K

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expanding his campaign and made his first to Michigan on Wednesday where he said President Donald Trump has broken promises made to American workers.

During his speech in Warren on Wednesday, the Democratic Presidential nominee said this is the first of many stops he plans in Michigan as he unveiled his Made in America plan that establishes an offshore tax penalty​ to employers who take their jobs overseas and then sell products back to the U.S. plus a "tax credit​" to incentivize making products in America.

"Any corporation in the state or any other state that increases and retools in a way that hires more people and raises salaries, they will get 10% tax break for doing it. So I'm going to change what Trump has done."

The rally cry  from the Trump campaign has been that NAFTA was a failure and point the blame squarely at Biden. But the former VP says the NAFTA problems stretched beyond his eight years in Washington with Barack Obama.

"Number one, the Bush administration did not keep a commitment on NAFTA, that's number one. Number two, I'd also point out that the auto industry in the state, Trump has lost tens of thousands of jobs. I was in charge of the recovery act which brought back hundreds and thousands of thousands of jobs brought back here, they were made out of the proposal that Barack and I put together,"

Biden is also responding to claims that he supports a movement to defund the police and says his stance hasn't shifted.

"You may remember I was criticized by my own party because I wouldn't support defund the police. I said police needed more resources, they have to change their behaviors, they've got to clean up, they've got to get the bad cops out but they need more resources, the only person defunding the police is Donald Trump. He's refusing unlike when we were in charge when we had the reception, I was in charge of the recovery act and we put more than $140 billion in the states so they didn't have to lay off firefighters and police officers and schoolteachers and that's what we did."

He added that police should get more funding.

"I propose it should be more funded to have the kind of extra help they need from psychologist and psychiatrist and social workers when 911 calls come in."

Lastly, he addressed his oft-criticized tax plan that would allegedly collect $4 trillion in taxes. 

"First of all, the sticker shock is not for $4 trillion or whatever number that was in increase taxes, what it says is that the super-wealthy and corporations to start paying their fair share," he said. "I pay for everything that I call for, everything without raising a penny on tax for anyone making less than $400,000 a year."

Michigan is one of the biggest states for both Biden and Trump and the President announced he will be in Freeland, Michigan, on Thursday.