Man with hatchet at Fuddruckers surrenders to Sterling Heights police

Police diffused a tense situation with a man suffering a mental emergency carrying a hatchet at a Sterling Heights restaurant last week.

On April 19th, the suspect was standing outside holding the hatchet near the front door of Fuddruckers, at 18 Mile and Van Dyke, when officers arrived.

"The subject refused to drop the weapon when ordered multiple times to do so," police said in a release. "The subject began to make homicidal/suicidal threats toward our officers."

Police slowly surrounded the man before he eventually tossed the hatchet aside. An officer then took him to the ground with others assisting to help.

"Ultimately, the officers used a less-than-lethal weapon to subdue the subject," police said.  

The man was taken into custody with no injuries to officers or himself.

Police say the man was suffering from mental illness and was transported to the hospital for a mental petition.

"Due to the outstanding job by our officers, a very dangerous situation was controlled, and no one was hurt," the release said.  "Furthermore, the subject obtained much-needed treatment at the hospital."

No charges have been announced by police, and his identity has not been released.

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