Big Sean just helped open the Detroit Boys and Girls Club to adults with a new vocational school

It was a block party that attracted 3,000 Detroiters and Big Sean a big reason why, proud to support the Boys and Girls Club here in Detroit on Tireman Avenue.

If the production quality sounds and looks great it's because Big Sean himself dedicated this part of the club for the community.  

"We're proud to unveil his content and production studio. We had our award DJ academy going, we had kids performing on the stage," said Shawn Wilson of the Boys and Girls Club. "Big Sean helped cut the ribbon and to show his support, but we also opened the door on a co- working space. We are the first one in the country to offer a co-working space and vocational training for adults."  

You heard him. The Boys and Girls Club is now open to men and women in the community. Before the kids come in during the afternoon, the club has been opened up as a vocational school and open workspace.

Forty dollars a month helps make this a high tech community center and a place for kids.  

"To come and access everything here, I can come and work on my business, I can record my podcast, and I get to benefit children," said Devon Wilson. "The fact that my $40 - I can leverage that across my business, myself and I can invest in the community and the youth, you can't beat that." 

Adults and kids aren't here at the same time. They make sure of that. But the facility allows both groups to enjoy high tech toys, a 3-D printer and printing classes available for adults and kids, as well as website development, podcast production and a lot more. Out of the eight Boys and Girls Clubs in the community, five of them will transform into something like this one here on Tireman Avenue in Detroit.  

"How do you re-imagine a 93-year-old entity right? A powerful brand doing amazing work that's been around for a long time, but how do you re-imagine that for greater community impact?" asked Wilson. "We're all about economic mobility at the Boys and Girls Club, not just for our youth but for their families.  

So when the kids are at school, their parents can hang here. And when it's the kids turn? They can see how well the vocational training works.  

"You can't dream of being something you haven't seen. So, ultimately to be able to see business being built from the ground up and have access to those caring adults as mentors, I think that's really positive."

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