Bigalora's new chicken parmigiana

Bigalora offers new menu items including chicken parmigiana

4 oz. Breaded chicken breast (flattened)
8 oz. House made marinara sauce (divided)
2 oz. Grana Padana grated
2 oz. House blend mozzarella
3.5 oz. Rigatoni noodle

Take marinated chicken breast and flatten using a mallet.
Flour, egg dip and roll through our chef special breading mix.
Drop breaded chicken breast into the fryer until golden brown.
After frying, place fried chicken over sauce on separate skillet.
Cover chicken with marinara to avoid burning.
Put both grana and mozzarella over the fried breast and place in wood fired oven until the cheese has melted.
While the skillet is in the oven, drop noodles into boiling water.
Once noodles are tender, add to the pan of marinara and toss until covered.
Plate noodles and chicken breast side by side and garnish with grated grana and parsley.

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