Bike riding burglar breaks into coney island closed for Easter

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A popular Detroit restaurant was broken into when it was closed for Easter Sunday.

It happened at LA Coney Island on McNichols on Detroit's east side. On Monday the owner was replacing broken locks and feeling violated.

"It makes me mad the way he came here and he was smashing everything," owner Martin Bardhi.

Sunday at midnight was when it happened at the restaurant and coney island carry-out, which is usually open 24 hours a day.

"I have been here 20 years," Bardhi said. "I treat these people like my family."

But after being closed Sunday to celebrate the holiday, Bardhi walked in Monday morning to four broken doors and cash missing.

On security video you can see the man wearing a gray hoodie and a black jacket, with white sneakers, breaking through the front door, taking off the lock. He then broke through a door.

"And then he goes and breaks another door in the dry room," Bardhi said.

After breaking through, Bardhi said the thief used a fire extinguisher to break into the office.

The suspect got $100 in cash which he can be seen shoving into his backpack. He was in and out in 10 minutes.

With the alarm blaring, the thief is seen on surveillance casually walking out and getting on his bicycle.

Just minutes later, the police showed up.

"He might come back and bigger things," said Bardhi.

He is suspected to live in the area.  Bardhi wants viewers to take a closer look at the suspect's face and hoped someone recognizes the bike-riding burglar.