Bike Share Program is coming to Detroit

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Get ready to ride, Detroit.

The city is soon launching its first public bike share program. Organizers are giving us a peek at their warehouse and the hundreds of bikes that will soon be cruising along Detroit streets.

"We are stepping up, the city of Detroit is improving every day," said Dan Dirks, DDOT.

An exciting new way to move around the motor city. It's a bike sharing program called Mo-Go, intended to supplement public transit, and encourage healthy lifestyles.

"Let's say you are at Campus Martius and you want to go to Eastern Market," said Lisa Nuszkowski. "You check a bike out at the Campus Martius station and ride it over to Eastern Market where there is going to be a couple of stations and check your bike in. You can check a bike out and it's really flexible, you don't have to return it to the place where you got it from."

Mo-Go will offer daily passes for $8, monthly passes for $18, and yearly passes for $80. Low income residents who receive state benefits, can get an annual pass for just $5.

Rides are limited to 30 minutes, but you can always buy more time, and more trips.

"You can take as many trips as you could possibly take within 24 hours that are 30 minutes or less and not pay anything extra," Nuszkowski said. "If you decide to keep the bike out, you pay a little bit extra. Bike shares are about checking a bike out of one station riding to another part of town and check it back into another station.

Mo-Go has 430 bikes. They'll spread them out over 43 stations across the city - Downtown, Midtown, New Center, north end, Woodbridge, Corktown, southwest Detroit, Eastern Market, Lafayette Park, along the Detroit River and West Village.

There will be 43 stations for the plan's first phase, Nuszkowski said.

The program will be installing stations over the next couple weeks -- with plans to launch in late May.

You learn more on the Mo-Go website, CLICK HERE for