Bittersweet reunion for Lincoln Park family with deported father

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She's an American citizen, but her husband was deported after living in the United States for 30 years.

Cindy Garcia's story made national headlines earlier this year. Now she's back in Lincoln Park after visiting her husband in Mexico.

"When we first arrived it was overwhelming," she said. "When we hugged him, we all hugged him. We were all crying at the same time, it was very emotional. We hadn't seen him since January 15th."

The Garcia family were reunited for a few weeks in April in Mexico. Cindy's husband was deported in January because he's not a U.S. citizen, despite the fact that he grew up here.

The reunion was bittersweet.

"We tried to get every second, every minute to count because we knew it was limited time," Garcia said. "We said let's enjoy it."

Jorge is staying with his aunt and uncle in a small village outside of Mexico City. The running water is limited to only the kitchen; they don't have hot water or proper plumbing.

"Only if you have relatives here to send you money back to Mexico, that is the only way you are going to have indoor plumbing," Cindy said.

After two and a half weeks it was time for Cindy and the kids to leave Mexico and return to Michigan.

"It was very hard to say our goodbyes, we kept looking back - hoping he would come with us," Cindy said. "The ticket lady said is there four traveling -and we looked at her and said no there's only three."

The Garcias hope to have Jorge home soon and the family permanently reunited but there are no guarantees.

"We have sent in the paperwork down to Juarez, Mexico, we are just waiting for an appointment," Cindy said. "And hopefully by June, we should have that appointment date. Then we will fly down with no return date to see if they will allow him or deny him returning to the US."