Black Corvettes stolen overnight from Les Stanford in Dearborn

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They are still sweeping up glass at the Les Stanford dealership after two black corvettes were stolen at 3 a. m. in Dearborn.

Investigators showed FOX 2 a 2018 black convertible Grand Sport Corvette - worth almost $80,000, sitting in the Dearborn police garage instead of the Les Stanford storage lot. 

"We got a call from another delivery driver who said I see another Corvette being pushed by a minivan out of this lot," said Lt. Gary Mann.

Dearborn police quickly arrived at the scene at the lot on Rotunda. A short time later Michigan State Police got a call.

"They'd actually gotten a tip from a caller saying I see a Corvette being pushed down I-94 so they got there right away and they were able to recover the car in the area," Mann said.

The Corvette was abandoned in the area of southwest Detroit, just a short distance from I-94, left at McGraw and 30th streets.

But the other black Corvette is still missing. Police hope someone will contact HEAT with a tip - HEAT stands for Help Eliminate Auto Theft.

"They are very expensive cars," Mann said. "I would be afraid to look at the sticker on this vehicle. That's why we're hoping we can get some tips from the public so we can quickly recover this vehicle before it's destroyed, damaged, re-tagged or they take all the parts off of it."

Dearborn police say they are still looking for that other Corvette - anyone with any information is asked to contact them or you can always call Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.