Black customer terrified by locksmith's racist text message

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A Southfield woman in need of a locksmith was shocked after getting a glimpse of a text conversation the worker had about her.

The message may have been a joke but that woman was not laughing - instead she was pretty shaken up. So much so  that she wanted FOX 2 to conceal her identity.

She was locked out of her condo and she only got a glimpse of that locksmith's phone when he set it down, but his text messages were still up and what she saw stunned her.

"It said 'F that n-word ... just kidding.' I felt so shocked," she said. "I am concerned for my safety. The fact he is a locksmith, he can get into anything. I was afraid he could have attacked me. If you feel that way about my race, you could have done anything to me and I'm here alone. He could have done anything.

"The vehicle was not marked, it was his own vehicle."

That worker was contracted by MNY Locksmith, FOX 2 spoke with the owner who said he does not tolerate that kind of language.

The owner said the contractor is no longer working there and he also refunded that woman for the work that was done.

She said she will be contacting police and wants to get a PPO against the man.