Black, white and blue in Baton Rouge

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The media and protesters are long gone in Baton Rouge but if you were to take the temperature of the city, it would still be at a slow boil.

In the span of two weeks, a black man was killed by Baton Rouge Police Officers, then three cops were ambushed and killed in an apparent revenge killing.

Two years after Michael Brown was killed in the streets of Ferguson, the nation has been forced to consider the relationship between black communities and police. Since then, things have seemed to have spun backwards in America.

Charlie LeDuff is once again exploring his Louisiana roots. His grandfather was born black in Baton Rouge but lived and died as a white man in Detroit. So he went back to the birthplace to talk with his family about black power, and institutional power.

Watch what he found when he went back to his grandfather's birthplace in the video player above.