Blighted Detroit building draws criticism for Lt. Gov. candidate

The Democratic candidate for Michigan's lieutenant governor is under fire over a dilapidated Detroit apartment building. 

Garlin Gilchrist, whom Gretchen Whitmer has picked as her runningmate, purchased the building from the Detroit Land Bank two years ago with hopes of renovating and renting it. But Gilchrist says financial issues set him back. 

The situation is obviously drawing attention from the other side of the governor's race. 

"It looks like part of the set from Halloween 2018," Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette told us when he visited the house on Marston Street Saturday. "It certainly appears as if it's violating health codes and public nuisance, and that's disgraceful."

The Republican candidate drew his own criticism last week, too, when a 30-year-old video surfaced of Schuette talking to a reporter. The video shows him saying to the woman, "I will do anything you want." Some called it creepy. Schuette says it was embarassing and he regrets it. 

Whitmer tweeted out that the bigger issue is that Schuette has "spent the last 33 years in office attacking the right of women." That topic came up on last week's Let It Rip on FOX 2, as did the state of Gilchrist's property. 

Gilchrist has already been given warnings by the Landbank. This time he could lose the property.

Representatives from the Landbank are inspecting the property Monday. It could take the building back if Gilchrist fails to show it's secure and clear of debris. 

Gilchrist told us he's committed to completing the renovation.