Blind Grosse Pointe couple needs your YouTube help for European adventure

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A local couple is both blind but they're refusing to let that stop them from achieving their dreams. They are gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime, but they need your help.

The soothing sound of wind chimes or gentle, flowing water is always calming for Nino and Marie Pacini of Grosse Pointe Woods, both living without sight for most of their lives. But, they call themselves pretty lucky.

"It doesn't matter what the challenge is," said Marie Pacini. "You can just sit at home and mope or you can get out and live your life."

The couple, both in their 50s, has a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa - or RP. The most Marie can see on a good day is a little light. Nino can't see at all. But their impaired vision does not stop these two from really, anything.

"We don't look at it as being adventurous," Nino Pacini said. "We look at it as when opportunity knocks, we do our best to try and answer."

The couple has spent time climbing mountains, backpacking, white water rafting, skiing and even skydiving. They also enjoy giving back - donating time and money to several charities and helping others cope with vision loss.

For these two, bike riding, is never just that.

"We are no different than anybody else," Nino said. "Because on the back, it doesn't take any vision to be all that you can be, but to be yourself."

And now onto their next adventure, they hope. They have entered a cyber-contest in honor of blind adventurer James Holman. The winner will receive a grant to fulfill their dream adventure.

"We shot a 72-second video with an iPhone propped on top of a garbage can in our backyard," Nino said.

The dream adventure for the Pacinis - riding a triple bike, or two tandem bikes with a sighted partner across Europe in less than 30 days. It starts in France, ending in Romania. That's about a thousand miles.

"What a great way to experience some places," Marie said. "Riding along on a bicycle, experiencing the countryside, stopping along the way talking to people and enjoying culture and food and everything."

With 197 entrants the Pacinis say right now their YouTube video is in second place with about 550 likes. They say one of 10 competitors will advance based on "likes," alone. And while voting ends March 15th, these two hope they've got your vote.

"But honestly it’s been fun and we like the competition," Nino said. "We really want to go."

"Help us out, thank you," Marie said.

We want to get Nino and Marie Pacini to Europe and know you do too. Let's get them some likes on their YouTube video page. CLICK HERE.