Blind man robbed who sets up shop outside Walgreens in Royal Oak

Police are investigating after a well-known man in the Royal Oak Community was stolen from earlier this month. 

Francis Sawicki sets up shop every day on Coolidge near Woodward, outside the Walgreens. 

The 67-year-old is legally blind and supplements his social security by selling pens and pencils. He's been there for 18 years. 

On August 10, he went inside Walgreens to use the restroom. That's when someone stole hundreds of pens, 150 pencils, and tote bags with some personal items inside - including his dentures. 

"I think they should be prosecuted and they should be locked up for six months if they get caught doing something again," he told us.

Francis says the Walgreens has surveillance cameras, but he doesn't think they point out towards the sidewalk where he sits. 

Francis has filed a police report. Meanwhile, he hopes someone will help him re-stock his pens and pencils so he can get back to work.