Bob Bashara says 'whole story not told'

Bob Bashara was back on the witness stand as the convicted killer continues his quest for a new trial.

"You have to tell the whole story your honor," Bashara said Friday in court. "I'm sorry to point out (prosecutor) Ms. Lindsey's shortcomings out, but you've got to tell the truth."

Admitting to telling lies, he says to protect his family; Master Bob as he was known in BDSM circles, says his affair and involvement in the alternative lifestyle was just that. He said it was never a motive to hurt his wife, Jane.

"When you would lie to Jane you would not feel any guilt?" asked the prosecutor.

"Yes I would," Bashara said.

"Not enough to stop?"

"That's correct," Bashara said.

But the prosecution says Bashara, convicted of first degree murder in the 2012 death of his wife Jane, can't seem to keep his lies and his testimony straight. They said he told others he was planning to divorce Jane.

Attorney: "Did you tell the real estate people that you were in the process of a divorce?"

"I may have," Bashara said.

"And that was a lie correct?"

Bashara: "Yes it was."

Borrowing thousands from his mother, Bashara, told his mistress he had plans to move in with her. But he says it was only a fantasy and looked at homes to move into with Jane.

Judge Vonda Evans: "That was important while your wife is missing to call a realty company?"

Bashara: Yes.

"Call back a realty company about what," Evans said.

Bashara's attorney argues Bashara may have lied then, but it was to protect his family and brought up his community service, and his reason for joining the BDSM lifestyle.

"The more I learned about it, the women were being abused in the name of rough sex," Bashara said.

Evans: "So you were a rescuer?" 

"Yes your honor," Bashara said. "I helped a lot of women."

As Bashara continues to blame his former defense team, the media and police for not giving him a fair trial, the prosecution says this hearing is already turning into a second trial.

The hearing ended abruptly as Bashara's attorney said he needs time to go through transcripts before questioning his client. The next court date is Dec. 3.