Body camera video shown in court of cop assaulting mentally ill woman

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Body camera video was released in court showing a violent confrontation at a local hospital.
A Detroit police corporal is on trial is accused of assaulting a mentally ill patient. 

Camera footage showing a mentally ill woman being hit again and again and again back in August.

Detroit police Cpl. Dewayne Jones delivered the blows at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He said that day it was to get her under control.

He said she was flailing, screaming, kicking and trying to bite and "spitting all over the place."

"Then she spit on me, she spit on me."

Most of the body camera footage came from Officer Stacey Taylor's point of view. And we can see when she and jones went to pick up the patient in a Detroit neighborhood, they found her naked and talking a mile a minute, but mostly in good spirits.

The Wayne County Prosecutor charged corporal jones with misdemeanor assault and battery for what they clearly thought was too much force.

According to the woman's case manager she is vulnerable, hears voices and wouldn't be able to even testify about what some see as beating a woman clearly not in her right mind.

Closing arguments and jury selection are Monday.